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BLCK VC's Mission to Bridge the Racial Funding Gap

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Fund Forward is an initiative dedicated to addressing the racial funding gap in the venture capital industry. Our mission is to mobilize $1 billion in limited partner and operating capital to Black-led venture funds by 2030, creating a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem for innovation and investment in the U.S.


The racial funding gap in the venture capital industry is a deeply ingrained issue that has hindered the progress of underrepresented fund managers for far too long. While Black-led venture funds receive a mere 1% of total venture capital funding, the potential for innovation and economic growth within these communities remains largely untapped. It is imperative that we address this disparity head-on and create a future where everyone can thrive.


To truly understand the magnitude of the problem, it is crucial to examine the broader landscape of venture capital funding. Studies consistently reveal that diverse teams are more likely to generate higher financial returns, making it clear that investing in underrepresented communities is not just a matter of fairness, but a strategic decision that benefits all stakeholders involved. 


Fund Forward is a call to action for individuals and organizations to join us in closing the racial funding gap and shaping a more inclusive future for venture capital. By redirecting capital towards Black fund managers (GPs), we challenge the status quo and unlock the true potential of a diverse and inclusive venture ecosystem.


  • Facilitating Connections: We bring together limited partners (LPs) and Black GPs, creating opportunities for increased investment and collaboration. Our exclusive networking events and curated database help forge valuable connections that drive meaningful partnerships.

  • Sharing Knowledge and Resources: We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing. Through thought-provoking webinars, panel discussions, and curated resources, we empower Black GPs with insights, best practices, and the support they need to navigate fundraising and operational challenges.

  • Driving Impact: By mobilizing capital toward Black fund managers, we are breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive venture capital ecosystem. We’ve built a dynamic platform that connects limited partners (LPs) and Black GPs, sparking collaboration, and driving investment opportunities.


Whether you are a limited partner seeking investment opportunities or a Black fund manager looking for support and connections, Fund Forward welcomes your participation. Limited partners and Black fund managers can participate by joining the Fund Forward Database. Complete our intake form to gain access to exclusive event invitations and make meaningful connections. As an LP, discover compelling investment opportunities and connect with pioneering Black GPs. If you're a Black GP, unlock a world of support, resources, and partnerships that will fuel your growth and amplify your impact.


If you’re an organization or ecosystem builder looking to get involved with Fund Forward, consider becoming a sponsor to maximize your involvement and gain access to unique benefits. Individuals and organizations can become sponsors, choosing their level of involvement and enjoying benefits such as brand exposure, event collaborations, content creation, and database access. By supporting Fund Forward, you showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion, gain exposure for your brand, and collaborate on groundbreaking initiatives that shape the future of venture capital. To sponsor or partner with the Fund Forward initiative, contact us at


Together, we can make a lasting impact on the venture capital industry. Join Fund Forward and be at the forefront of change. Contact us at to learn more about how you can get involved. Let's build a more inclusive and equitable future for venture capital together.



  • Are there any eligibility criteria for joining the Fund Forward Database?

The Fund Forward Database is open to both limited partners (LPs) and Black fund managers (GPs). LPs should have a willingness to engage with Black-led venture funds. Black GPs should be actively managing or raising capital for a venture fund.

  • Can LPs and Black GPs outside the United States participate in Fund Forward? 


Fund Forward welcomes participation from Black GPs investing in startups within the US markets and LPs interested in investing in the US venture capital markets

  • How can LPs and Black GPs maximize their involvement with Fund Forward? 


LPs and Black GPs can maximize their involvement by actively participating in the networking events, webinars, and resources offered by Fund Forward. It is also important to stay engaged with the Fund Forward community, collaborate with other participants, and share insights and experiences.

  • Is Fund Forward limited to specific sectors in venture capital? 


No. Fund Forward is open to supporting Black-led venture funds with various stage and sector focus. We believe in the power of diversity and innovation in all areas of the venture capital ecosystem and welcome Black fund managers representing diverse investment focus areas in venture capital.

  • How does Fund Forward help Black GPs navigate fundraising and operational challenges? 


Fund Forward provides valuable support and insights to Black GPs through knowledge-sharing initiatives such as webinars, panel discussions, and curated resources. We empower Black GPs with the tools and knowledge necessary to build a successful and impactful venture firm.

  • How can individuals and organizations support Fund Forward if they are unable to participate as LPs or Black GPs?


Individuals and organizations can support Fund Forward by becoming sponsors. Sponsors play a crucial role in providing financial support, contributing resources, and collaborating on initiatives that advance the goals of Fund Forward.

  •  What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?


Sponsors have the opportunity to choose their level of involvement, which may include brand exposure, event collaborations, content creation, and access to the Fund Forward database. It's a chance to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion while shaping the future of venture capital.

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