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Venture capital counts more Black check writers than ever before.
However, representation continues to lag and multiple systemic barriers remain.

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BLCK VC, in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank, is proud to share the 2023 edition of the State of Black Venture Report. This edition of the report highlights Black women’s disproportionate under-representation in the industry, expands BLCK VC’s examination of the Black venture ecosystem to incorporate junior to mid-level talent, exposes the adverse impacts of the industry’s homogeneity on decision-making and financial returns, and provides actionable guidance on how stakeholders can collaborate to build an equitable and inclusive ecosystem.

State of Black Venture Event

In the 2023 edition of our "State of Black Venture Report," we delved deeper into the Black venture ecosystem by conducting surveys, interviews, and industry research. Our goal was to present a coherent narrative about the current state of our community. However, the true story lies beyond the numbers. 


For this event, held in collaboration with AWS, we extended an invitation to Black venture leaders to discuss the obstacles Black investors and founders face within the ecosystem. 


Howard Wright.jpg

Howard Wright

VP, Global Head of Start Ups, AWS


Toussaint Bailey.jpg

Toussaint Bailey

Founder and CEO at Uplifting Capital


Sydney Sykes.jpg

Sydney Sykes

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners


Jessica Murrey.jpg

Jessica Murrey

CEO/Co-Founder, Wicked Saints Studio


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